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Monday, 7 July 2014

Liberty of the Seas, Review

David's resent cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas, sailing in the Med!

I found this cruise almost faultless, despite hearing that Royal Caribbean had reduced their standards in practically every area. Although prices have clearly increased for their European cruises, in my experience the standards on board Liberty of the Seas were better than ever.

The check in process  was all done on arrival in Barcelona Airport which made embarkation on to the ship (via the exit) a pleasure.


Despite the large size ship, I found service levels from staff excellent and on par with the personal approach I received on smaller Vision class ships. I found the food very good both in the Windjammer and the Botticelli Restaurant and room service. My Time Dining worked perfectly for us and the waiters were great every time. I called the number each day to book and was successful within 15 minutes of time requested.


I had the beer & wine package ($40 per day) which was very good with all the well known Bottle beer brands available on it and the their choice of wine was drinkable too. I felt that prices for drinks had come down anyway on board anyway. Beer $5 or 5 for $20 to me is good for European cruise bar prices.


The shows in the theatre were well presented (ex Britain's Got Talent contestants, a Spanish magician and the highlight Saturday Night Fever)- they are what they are and pass an hour in the evening. The plethora of lounges always had something going on. The entertainments team throughout the cruise very very good.


Disembarkation was pain free as we met at the designated lounge, when called, we were escorted to the luggage area and to the coaches waiting to transfers us to Barcelona Airport. No melee trying to get on a coach (as I had heard), all very civilised.


So overall I am delighted with my experience and relieved that Royal still have the "Wow" factor, as more than ever they really need to keep on top of the competitors biting at their heels.

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Monday, 30 June 2014

The ultimate guide to stress free travel !!!!


Summertime and the livin’ is easy!

The ultimate guide to stress free travel


The sun is making  glorious, albeit brief, appearances lately and everyone is soaking up the rays with gusto.  We now have a taste of sunshine, long balmy evenings sipping chilled white wine alfresco, delicious barbeques, ice cream cones, beer gardens and holiday cheer.  The tastes, the smells, the warmth of summer is blissful but when the rain starts to fall again, as it inevitably does in Ireland, we hunt for holiday deals in far away climes to prolong that summer feeling.  This week e-travel bring a dozen great tips for the ultimate guide to stress free travel and some top deals for a quick getaway!


1.      Packing for a trip is infinitely easier when you’ve just done laundry. Tumble Dryer sheets remove static from your hair and clothing whilst making your suitcase smell lovely while taking up virtually no room.  

2.      Check out the to make your airport experience stress free.  You can purchase a fast track boarding pass from just €5.95 and skip right passed long queues right through to a Genie Chaperone for a whole family to whisk you through the airport with minimum stress from €40.


3.      Pre-book parking online and make major savings with from €29 for a week or if you really want to feel like a VIP, check out the new VIP service offered by  You need only be with them 75 minutes before your flight is due to depart. While you’re enjoying the facilities in the luxury VIP Suite, they check you in and ensure all is prepared for your departure. You’ll have your own dedicated security check and they will even drive you to your flight. It’s a premier service, even if you’re flying economy.  This is available from €160 but what a treat!


4.      For many people, relaxation and rest can also signal the body that its OK to come down with a cold or pesky virus.  Bring a travel first aid kit with the following: ibuprofen (or other pain killer), plasters, decongestant, relief for indigestion, vitamin c, throat lozenges, sun cream and burn cream. You will not believe how often it will come in handy and just pack a very small travel-size amount of each one.

5.      Stuffing socks into your shoes can help you save space and ensure your shoes retain their shape and Rolling non-wrinkable items before shoving them into your suitcase really does save space


6.      Going somewhere with clean drinking water? Pack a reusable water bottle that clips on to your bag. Bonus points if it’s collapsible. In an age where the bottled stuff costs so much, you’ll save lots too whilst keeping hydrated.           

7.      You will never wear that second dressy outfit, so stop packing it. Most trips, you won’t even wear the first dressy outfit (but you should still pack that one).  As for sky scraper heels, its very very unlikely they will ever even get unpacked.       

8.      Call your credit card company before you leave and put a travel alert on your card. While you’re at it, jot down their international customer service number.  Also call your mobile phone call provider and make sure you are up to speed with roaming charges including data so no shocking bills come through the door on your return .

9.      Make photocopies of your passport and leave one with friends and another tucked into your bag. Or, better yet, scan your passport and email a copy to yourself. A passport protector is the most useless item anyone can buy, ever.   

10.  Budget hotels almost always offer free wi-fi. Luxury hotels will charge you for it. This is almost always the case.


11.  It is far easier to get drunk and make an fool of yourself at 30,000 feet than when you are on the ground so be careful with alcohol on planes and Border control agents do not get sarcasm or fooling around so zip it!  


12.  For the best deals in travel at the moment, check out  This week’s cheap flights from Dublin include: Orlando €515, Las Vegas €578, New Delhi €578,  New York €489, Cape Town €629.  Prices include taxes, return economy fares.  Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruises are available from €899pp including flights from August or NCL have a 9 night Eastern Caribbean fly/ cruise from €1141.00 per person sailing.  For a trip of a lifetime, cruise and shop in New York on 14th November.  Enjoy two nights in New York, 7 night cruise to Bahamas and return flights from Dublin from €1289 pps or chill out with a 12 night Iceland and Fjords fly cruise at € 1394.00 per person including $100.00 credit to cabin


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