Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Celebrity Edge SM changes everything. The way you experience the world; the way you connect with the ocean; the way you play, dine and unwind at sea. Revolutionary on every level, she’s the ship that’s setting a new standard of luxury and innovation at sea.

Through the latest 3-D technology, every detail of the ship has been fine-tuned like never before. From the incredible Magic Carpet – the world’s first cantilevered, floating platform that reaches heights of 13 storeys above sea level – to the private plunge pools in the new Edge Villas; the way you cruise will never be the same again.


      Breaking completely with tradition, Celebrity Edge has a unique outward-facing design. Indoors, world famous interious designer Kelly Hoppen MBE took the lead for the luxurious new accomodations featuring the latest technology. And when it came to creating innovative outdoor spaces that invite the destination right onboard, Celebrity turned to renowned architect Tom Wright (of WKK), desugner of Dubai's world famous Burj Al Arab. 


      23% larger than the Solstice Class staterooms, a touch of a button transforms the entire living space into an open-air balcony, letting you walk right out to the water's edge.Touch-screen automation controls everything from lighting and shades to temperature and service, while the luxurious furnishings include a king-sized bed from Celebrity's new Cashmere Collection. 


When it came to designing new Suites, Celebrity didn’t stop at just one. The six, two-storey luxury residences are the first of their kind in the fleet. 

Each offers a spacious 950 square feet of split-level, indoor-outdoor splendour. With one bedroom and two bathrooms, Edge Villas are perfect for up to four guests and families of four.

The unique design of the Edge Villas seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. With
two storeys of windows that look out over the terrace (featuring a three-feet-deep plunge
pool and inviting lounge furniture) to the incredible ocean views beyond, it’s an open and
airy environment that truly invites the outside in, and vice versa.

Edge Villas not only offer private outdoor terraces, but they also have direct access to
an exclusive area for Suite Class guests, The Retreat. Edge Villa guests step right out to
The Retreat Sun Deck and The Retreat Pool, complete with The Retreat Pool Bar. But, it’s
more than a luxurious outdoor area, The Retreat is the social epicenter for every Suite
Class guest on board and, beyond its outdoor spaces, it offers The Retreat Lounge, and
Luminae at The Retreat. All indulgent. All complimentary. All private and exclusive to all
Suite Class guests.

• New stunning split-level Suite category
• 6 Edge Villas
• Private balcony with plunge pool
• Direct access to the Suite Sun Deck
• 2 Bathrooms
• King bed featuring Celebrity’s Cashmere Bedding Collection
• Perfect for families
• Sleeps: 4
• Personal butler service provided in all Suites
• Exclusive access to:
– Suite restaurant, Luminae
– Suite lounge with a dedicated Concierge
– Suite Sun Deck, pool and pool bar


On the Resort Deck you’ll find one of the most popular spots on every Celebrity Ship — the adults-only Solarium. Celebrity EdgeSM continues the tradition of offering a covered pool area where adults can unwind in modern luxury style. They turned again to Tom Wright for the design, and he used the ocean itself as his inspiration.

The Solarium features a 3-dimensional art wall that represents the beautiful colours and movement of the ocean. It’s the perfect complement to the serene onboard atmosphere.

The Resort Deck includes the pool, Solarium, Jogging Track and the new Rooftop Garden.
Unlike any other outdoor space, there are endless ways to enjoy the outdoors and connect
with sea.

• Resort-style, outward-facing terraced pool deck
• Asymmetrical artful pool deck design
• Premium finishes, furniture and oversized art installations:
• 2 Martini glass shaped hot tubs
• Tree inspired sculptures
• Fractal Mirror art wall
• 23 metre pool (25 yards)
• 6 private Cabanas available


Majestically situated on the starboard side of the ship, making Celebrity Edge’s sleek profile recognizable from miles away, The Magic Carpet is designed with comfortable seating, a full bar, and space for live music performances, so it truly is a destination itself.       This spectacular space opens to several decks and transforms into a new and exciting venue depending on which deck it’s positioned.

        Let’s start at the very top (there isn’t a deck here, which makes it even more thrilling). When positioned here, The Magic Carpet becomes an extraordinary venue high in the sky where we host mouthwatering experiences such as Dinner on the Edge. Get ready for a unique, al fresco culinary journey that satisfies your taste buds, your eyes, and your sense of wonder all at the same time.

        Down to Deck 14, The Magic Carpet becomes an extension of the relaxing main pool area,the perfect place for breathtaking views, tantalising drinks, and live music. When on Deck 5, The Magic Carpet serves as an extension of one of our exciting new speciality restaurants. Here it creates an intimate, open air dining experience that makes
the fresh ocean fare taste even fresher.

        At the bottom on Deck 2, The Magic Carpet becomes an extension of the Destination Gateway, a new area that becomes a luxury embarkation station where guests will be whisked away aboard our newly reimagined Edge LaunchesSM that offer bucket seats, air
conditioning, large windows for stunning sea-level views, and more space—all designed to
get you to your destination in modern luxury style.


• A innovative and transformative floating platform
• Majestically situated along the starboard side of the ship
• Magic Carpet travels 13 storeys high and rests on decks 2, 5, 14, 16
• A spectacular place to take in breathtaking views
• Magic Carpet is close to 110 feet long, 20 ft. wide, the size of a tennis court
• Operated without guests by the bridge officer from the bridge wing


Multi-award-winning Kelly Hoppen MBE.

With 40 years of experience at the forefront of the design industry, Kelly Hoppen MBE is one of the most celebrated and sought after interior designers in the world. Her globally renowned and ever-evolving style is underpinned by a subtle coordinated fusion of East meets West; clean lines and neutral tones, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous
opulence. We knew that working with her and her style was exactly what we needed to make a bold, modern luxury statement.

Internationally acclaimed architect Tom Wright of WKK.

Tom Wright has over 30 years experience in design, and in 2013 set up WKK– an architectural practice dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in design from sketch to reality. With Tom’s vision, we transformed outdoor spaces into serene outward-facing sanctuaries that showcase endless ocean views and the extraordinary places we visit. Each space
is designed to inspire you and make you feel more connected to the sea and the world around you.

Design Ambassador Nate Berkus.

  Since Nate established his award winning interior design firm at the age of 24, his approachable and elevated philosophy has transformed countless homes around the world through his design work, home collections, books, television shows and media appearances. 

    Nate’s work has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, VOGUE, InStyle, O Magazine, People and ELLE DÉCOR, which included him on their “A-List” of the world’s top designers. Nate believes in the same things as Celebrity Cruises: Beautiful design, modern luxury and opening the world through travel.


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