Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Strike by French Air Traffic Controllers

Good morning, a number of flights to and from Ireland have been cancelled due to another strike by French air traffic controllers.

It is the 13th strike in 14 weeks.

Passengers due to travel today have been urged to check the status of their flight. Aer Lingus and Ryanair have cancelled flights into and out of Ireland and also warned of delays to flights that use French airspace.

Aer Lingus flights cancelled

EI510 Dublin to Perpignan
EI511 Perpignan to Dublin
EI544 Dublin to Nice
EI545 Nice to Dublin
EI508 Dublin to Bordeaux
EI509 Bordeaux to Dublin
EI528 Dublin to Paris
EI529 Paris to Dublin

Ryanair flights cancelled
FR1984 Dublin T1 Carcassonne
FR1982 Dublin T1 Biarritz
FR1986 Dublin T1 Nantes(Brittany)
FR9951 Cork Alicante
FR9905 Cork Bordeaux

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