Thursday 6 October 2016

11 night Thailand & Vietnam fly,stay and cruise, 17th January from €1525 pps

"Goooooood Moooorning Vietnam !!!" Who doesn't know the movie that made #RobinWilliams famous and that brought laughter around the world?

e-travel has a great fly, stay & cruise offer. Where ?You guessed it, to Vietnam, but not only !
11 Nights Thailand & Vietnam Fly, Stay& Cruise on the 17th of January !!!!
Prices start from €1525pps
Call now at 014081999!!!


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  2. Impressive deal from e-travel! The 11-night Thailand & Vietnam fly, stay & cruise package sounds incredible, and at €1525pps, it's a fantastic opportunity. Booking stress-free travel with e-travel is a win!
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