Monday 6 June 2016

MSC Cruises Announces Second Exclusive Island Resort

MSC Cruises has created an exclusive "beach oasis" for passengers on Dubai and Abu Dhabi cruises from this winter.
The 1.5 mile long stretch of land on the natural island of Sir Bani Yas, just off the southwest coast of Abu Dhabi, features hundreds of palm trees, shaded cabanas and more than 2,000 sunbeds across 387,500 square feet of beaches.
It is MSC's second exclusive island development -- last year the line announced plans to create Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in the Bahamas.
Starting from this December, MSC Fantasia will add the destination -- which is available exclusively to MSC Cruises passengers when the ship calls at the island -- to Emirates cruise itineraries.
The development is on a smaller island connected to the main island by a wooden boardwalk which allows MSC Cruises' passengers exclusive access.
Bani Yas Island Beach Resort From Above/MSC Cruises
Other facilities include:
· Food and refreshments;
· An MSC Aurea Spa (pictured below) area offering a menu of massages from beachside cabana huts;
· Sports facilities, including beach volleyball and tennis;
· A family and kids-dedicated area, with a parents’ pergola;
· A Bedouin tent offering arts and crafts created by local communities; and
· A lounge space with a bar and live music, for relaxing.

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